DJ Freddy

Hello everybody DJ Freddy from Holland, Tilburg.

I started to be a DJ already in 1980 😉 with all kinds of music. At that time disco, soul, pop, classics all what people wanted to hear and made them crazy and gave them a fun time at the disco in town.

In 2003 I started to dance Salsa and right away they asked me “Can you play music when we do free dancing?” “Of-course”, I said, always collecting records, cd’s, downloads and iTunes of music I like. I also have Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Zouk and Kizomba music.

In 2004 I started to learn Zouk, with many friends who now dance so well, and yes: I was already again the DJ. It gives me energy, a smile and a really good feeling inside myself to see dancers dance all night long, enjoying the time on the dance floor. I try to play for all Zouk dancers because there are so many different kind of styles we can dance Zouk to if you have an open dance mind.

My favourite style is to let them dance 3 songs together in a dance flow. That they are feeling each other in dance and emotion. Away from everyone on the dance floor, just the two of you in the Zouk dance.
3 songs that can be together in a flow. For example Slow R&B, Lyrical & Neo. Flying above the dance floor 😉 I wanna dance too and be a better dancer but it seems I am still more a DJ.

I play everywhere in Holland. The Brazilian Zouk Party @ Dos Bailadores is my resident DJ place to be. I DJ at the Zouk Marathon in Prague in Spring, Summer and Autumn, the Dutchzouk Congress from the beginning 2012 till now on and Alex de Carvalho Mac Project at Paris and more Zouk congresses and festivals in Holland and Europe. My own Addicted 2 Zouk Party and for weddings, birthdays and company party’s. Everything is possible with Freddy. The Passion & Heart is Zouk.

Have Fun, Enjoy the whole event!