Keith Halfhide

In 2009 I re-started dancing salsa after a long break, because my now ex-girlfriend insisted I should start dancing again. I found a new love and I haven’t stopped dancing since. It was a hobby that changed my life. I did everything to become better, had a lot of different teachers, trained a lot and had a lot of exposure at parties.

My passion for dance did not go unnoticed in the dance scene. In 2011 I was asked to join the salsa show team Golosa led by Rahiem Goedar. With this amazing show team we performed at multiple international stages. This allowed me to also train with a large amount of international teachers.

In 2013 I combined my passion for dancing with my passion for teaching and my own dance school “El Salsero” was born. In my opinion it was important and crucial to keep on training and learning from the masters in order to teach. Being a competent dancer wasn’t enough, it was also important to be consciously competent.

During the period of my own dance school I had the pleasure of meeting my current dance partner Laili Reinders. We have been working together ever since and we are very critical about our own dance techniques and didactics. We trained and taught Salsa and Bachta, and love dancing Zouk.

Due to the way Laili and I work together we were able to find the essence of dancing, especially dancing Salsa. We were able to fully analyze the dance to be able to competently teach this beautiful dance. Everything with passion and love.