Kristine Krosi

Kristīne Krosi has over 25 years of experience in ballet and jazz, and over 10 years in partner dance, hip hop, modern, musical theater, and tap. She uses a multi-disciplinary study of dance and movement to create new and exciting choreographies, courses and dance conversations.  She founded Brazilian zouk and built a thriving multi-tiered dance academy within four years in Seattle, WA. She also established first and largest Brazilian zouk dance convention in the Pacific Northwest. Kristīne is an internationally recognized artist specializing in turns and musicality.

Turns:Learn all the tools to train mastery in turns. We’ll do solo drills, partner drills and a turn patterns to apply the teachings.

Musicality:Learn how to effortlessly interpret and play with the music. We’ll use music theory, pattern flow, and teamwork to share magical dances.