Lisa & Marcos


Marcos Alves Soares started developing his dancing with Zouk Revolution, Samba and Forró classes during the summer of 2009 at Mr. Dragon and company located in Amsterdam. After two years of classes there, he was invited by Gilson and Natascha to help out during their LambaZouk classes, also in Amsterdam. Where Zouk Revolution focussed on straight lines, LambaZouk was quite the opposite, and this helped Marcos understanding the lead and follow in the dance even more and completely changed his way of dancing as he was used to.

Marcos stopped taking regular classes in 2012 to focus on developing his own signature style with influences of Zouk Revolution, LambaZouk, Samba de Gafiera (Funkeado) and Forró. During this time he travelled often within Europe, searching for new experiences, challenges and talented dancers to learn from and train with. He discovered Zouk R&B, a relatively new style in Zouk, and found that this matched his philosophies and his signature style up to that point and decided to study Zouk R&B to merge it into his repertoire.

In 2016 he got inspired by the development of Urban Kiz (Kizomba) and started taking up regular classes again. Taking the best of Urban Kiz into his extended repertoire by now, he worked together with Ruanita Santos in 2018, training in Neo Zouk and starting to teach workshops with different dance partners throughout that year.

Starting in January 2019, he will join Lisa van der Plaats to teach regular Zouk classes in Utrecht and growing the local community, while also developing himself through teaching internationally, travelling abroad and training with multiple dancers in different dance styles.